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be careful with me

dont trip my wire...

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[:::::Trasher Angels:::::]
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background image taken by Baz, 28th August 2002@Camden Electric Ballroom, London.
User Info pic by me

Rarr.. welcome to Trash Talk on livejournal. OOh - isn't that kinda crazy? Or perhaps not. It's a very basic concept - this is a community for the Trashers who have ljs. Simple to understand I think. Of course, if you're not on TT, you are still more than welcome to join and to partake in the sporadic polls and debates. Your opinions are very much welcomed.

If you're looking for Garbage information - ask here. I can't guarantee an answer but I know that there are some pretty knowledgeable freaks in attendance who will do their best to help you out. Remember communities are built on the users so please contribute. I want to see all the Garbage fans interacting and getting to know each other - this could be my little matchmaking service :P then again - perhaps not.

You love Garbage, I love Garbage - what more is there to say? :P

shirley manson, scala, london, 30th march 2005
by firefish

This is the noise that keeps me awake
My head explodes and my body aches
Come down to my house, stick a stone in your mouth
You can always pull it out if you like it too much
We know your music but of course we'd never buy it
It's too fake man, right man, we don't give a fucking damn

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